The company’s continuous growth and innovation approach never let it stagnate. Like CCPL’s turnover, its product portfolio also has kept prospering. Today, CCPL manufactures,

  • Retainer rings
  • Planet carrier pins
  • Engine gears
  • Hydraulic pump gears
  • End piece for assembled camshafts
  • Assembled camshaft lobes, Bering rings
  • Oil Pump shafts
  • Differential pins

About Company

Creative Carve Private Limited, known as CCPL, is one of India’s leading and trusted engineering component manufacturers. It was established in 1985 with a strong belief in the power of quality and with an aim to serve the massive future need for engineering components for PCMC’s growing industrial area.

With time, product excellence, every-expanding product portfolio, and positive customer feedback, the company grew from a turnover of USD 3.39 million in 2013-14 to a whopping USD 16 million in 2017-18. With an annual average growth of approximately 45 percent, CCPL has proved that it is a steadily growing, reliable and sustainable precision-machine component manufacturing company in India.

CCPL puts quality first and considers values and volumes. With these values, coupled with the company’s product quality, CCPL has been able to step outside the country and export its products to companies in many countries. It includes Hungary, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, USA, the UK, Italy, and many others.

CCPL proves a reliable choice, especially for companies that look forward to long-term component manufacturing partners and those with high production capabilities.

Why Choose CCPL?

  • Excellent and unflinching export product quality
  • 98% acceptability rate for initial samples produced till date
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing units with high production capacity
  • Experienced and qualified product designers and production staff
  • Stringent quality checks with multi-layered quality controls
  • Extensive research infrastructure and researchers
  • Use of technology to ensure quick and quality production
  • Reliable vendors and procurement of top-quality parts for components

Quality & Performance

Our Hallmark

Quality and excellence are our hallmarks. We’ve been manufacturing superior quality components ever since inception and have never compromised on the quality aspect.


Over the years, we’ve received certificates and recognitions for our product excellence, remarkable customer service and innovative approach. Take a look at our certifications.

Testing equipments

We employ the latest, updated and efficient testing equipment that enables us to quality test every component we manufacture. Our equipment also ensures testing effectiveness


We are Qualified &


Our commitment to you is to provide honest, friendly, and on-time service. Visit a locally owned and operated business that has been serving the community since 1992.

On Time Delivery Rating 98%
Energy Form Renewable Source 30%
Success Rate Post RFQ 75%
Year Over Year Growth 25%
Average OEE 85%

Our Clients