At Creative Carve, heat treatment is one of our core capabilities. We provide a broad array of heat treatment services for thousands of tons every month, along with value add-ons that include forging and machining. We employ a team of highly experienced professionals specializing in heat treatment. Our heat treatment portfolio comprises heat treatment solutions for tinier throughputs to massive industrial units.

Heat treatment is a set of industrial, thermal, and metalworking processes that help change the physical and, at times, chemical properties of a particular material. It involves extreme heating and chilling to harden or soften a specific material.

The treatment comprises various sub-processes like annealing, case hardening, precipitation strengthening, tempering, carburizing, normalizing, and then quenching.

At Creative Carve, one of our core and the most significant services includes providing heat treatment processes nightriding,case carburizing, through hardening. We’ve been a reliable heat treatment source across the industrial realm of India and service companies from various businesses domains worldwide.

Heat treatment